Tenuta Luisa
Via Campo Sportivo 13
34070 - Mariano del Friuli (GO)
+39 0481 69680
P.iva 01135010310


The Luisa Family

Four generations of winegrowers.

Everything began with our great-grandfather, Francesco Luisa, and his small five-hectare plot of land: it was 1907. Then came our grandfather Delciso, the only son of six children to carry on the family farm. And then Eddi, our father, who at the age of 13 decided to fully commit to wine making and viticulture transforming and developing the winery and estate into the Tenuta Luisa it is now. Assisted by our mother, Nella, he continues to work alongside us in the family business, and his contribution is very precious.

As for us, Davide and Michele, we bring a sense of experimentation and the knowledge we have gained during our studies. Davide is an agronomist and manages the vineyards. Michele, skilled oenologist, is in charge of the winery. The two approaches to winemaking combined with the age-old rural know-how have allowed us to achieve wines of superb quality earning some of the most prestigious awards in the sector.
Today, with the fifth generation on the rise, we proudly look back at our past and are happy to tell the story of our family. A lifelong story of passion and enthusiasm, courage and farsightedness, and finally of faith and sharing the same values. The family history.

A century-old story unfolded

Why a cown?

Corona, Italian for crown, is the name and the coat of arms of our hamlet in the village of Mariano del Friuli. It represents the Collio hills that crown the area. We chose the same symbol for our labels: a crown formed by our effigies as to guarantee the quality of our wine.

The Luisa method

Our father taught us that quality wine begins in the vineyard and is perfected in the winery, and our studies led us to develop this inherited knowledge to the highest standards. We personally manage each stage of our winemaking process. Davide in the vineyards and Michele in the winery. We consult one another on every decision we make each according to his own speciality. This is how we achieve excellent wines.